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It is my philosophy to express beauty through fashion: Since my professional qualification as a fashion designer, the creation of high-quality clothing has been my life's work. My sense of aesthetics and attention to feminin detail support me in this. To be able to exercise this special gift with success fills me with great joy every day.

Michala Babčanová

As a designer, I am aware that fashion takes place as non-verbal communication. My great love for fashion is expressed in my creations. My work conveys femininity through simple lines and minimalism, but also ornate, playful creations are part of my portfolio. My great enthusiasm includes body suites and lingerie in a wide variety of materials and shapes.

As a young designer, I was able to complete a valuable internship at Michel Mayer. The first drafts and models were created with the knowledge acquired. In addition, I was involved in the implementation of collections by Susanne Bisovsky, such as: opera ball dress for Desirée Treichl-Stürgkh, fashionable designs for “Sportalm Dirndl”, dresses for the “Snow Queen” project for Swarovski, costumes for the opera “Der Freischütz” at La Scala in Milan, directed by Matthias Hartmann.

My first public presentation of a collection was shown at a fashion show in the Fashion Café in the heart of Vienna in 2016. A year later there was another fashion show at Kuoni in downtown Vienna. With my brand miché, I was present in various pop-up stores such as Modepalast and Check-in. The last presentation of my present collection was in the Slovak embassy in Vienna, Villa Trebitsch.

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Michala Babčanová

Grabnergasse 15/3/21, 1060 Wien


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